Live Dance Performance Art

Live Hawaii dance performance art can range from any of our SPECIALITIES

on fire or with out fire. A hula-hoop dancer is an intriguing visual during any time of the day or night. Live performance art is a powerful medium to connect with an audience and tell a story. Through each move, expression or illustration, the dancers have the ability to altar the mood and intrigue the ambiance.

Live Hawaii dance performance has been taken to new levels in all arenas. At parties, festivals, concerts, events and presentations of all kinds. Witnessing an artist making their magic has become the art Nuevo of the last decade. In this way, our dancers can bring a raw beauty and express their dance in a visceral respect.

With or with out fire, flow artistry is a fascinating art form, it’s Zen-like quality creates a union with the modality and the dancer. It allows for a relationship between an inanimate object and the animation of its human partner. In turn, this captivates onlookers, as they are also absorbed into the sheer capacity of the performer.

Live Hawaii dance performance can be main stage, background art or a part of the whole picture when creating something beautiful to share with an audience. Our modern interpretation of fire dancing brings a new appreciation for stylized performances. Weather adding texture and composition to your event, or being the featured performance, we are sure to bring the beauty and power you desire.

California Live Dance Performance Art

costuming by Soul Fire


Our California live dance performance art is a sight to be seen. If you are looking for a solo addition, a duet, or group to perform, we can help accommodate to make your event spectacular. Our dancers can dance to their own music for a choreographed piece or live to a DJ or band for a free-form atmosphere.


Live Hula Hooping