Flow Arts

The term ‘flow arts’ is synonymous with the term fire dancing these days. As referenced in the history of fire dancing, Flow Artists commit themselves to combining dance, acrobatics and virtuoso performance while spinning, passing, isolating and tossing objects through planes and space.

Flow Arts refers to the specific artistry of this unique dance and crosses throughout all modalities. Any modality used on or off fire is considered a flow tool and is danced with, with or without fire. Another popular method of flow artistry is spinning LED tools. This allows for the dancer to not concern him or herself with fuel or fire and can be used in smaller/indoor venues when needed.


Double Hoops Flow Arts

Flow Arts has a committed and dedicated following. From festivals, to retreats, classes, Vlogging, Videos, workshops, intensives to online classes teachers and students worldwide have created a niche’. Most dancers will learn the basics of flow arts before stepping into fire dancing. This allows for the necessary time to learn the manipulation of a tool before lighting it on fire.

At Elevate, we are constantly involved with a variety of aspects of the flow arts culture and on the cutting edge of its evolution and progression. With a vast growth over the last decade, we strive to keep up with the ever- increasing demands of the standards when it comes to talent in the flow arts arena.



Flow Arts Double Staves