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Elevate Fire Dance:


Excite your audience with an inventive and visually stunning show. Ignite your guests’ imagination with a spectacular fire dance performance!

These fire dancers elegantly and gracefully dance with multiple props, in stunning costumes, to high energy music, to captivate the audience. This show will create a lifetime of memories for your family, guests or audience.

Make your party unforgettable with an electrifying fire dance show!

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Wow this girl is on FIRE!
"Wow this girl is on FIRE! Highest level of performance lead by Angela! Beautiful choreography and breath taking show. The kids and adults loved it as one. I was speechless.."
Clarine Maroshka
WOW! Our fire dancer made the party!
"What a fun and exciting treat. I’ve have not experienced fire dancing outside of Hawaii. So fun to bring a bit of Hawaii to our back yard party. She was elegant, playful, and breathtaking to behold… truly! I would highly recommend adding fire dancing via Elevate Fire Dancing to your party this summer. Just wow… :D"
Jill Brittner


The Bay Area's Most Exciting Fire Dancers


Whether you are planning a small, intimate event, or you are an event planner that needs entertainment services, enhance the value of your next event with professional fire dancing.

Elevate Fire Dance has become one of the names in modern and contemporary fire dance. Created in 2010, Elevate has inspired audiences at corporate events, weddings, International festivals, celebrity events  and other social celebrations for more than 15 years.

Elevate prioritizes your venue, guests and the dancers safety with our extensive fire safety measures. Our proven security and safety protocols allow you to excite and entertain your guests, without the concern of fire getting out of control. We also come insured and will provide you a COI for your event.

elevate fire dance works for:


Individuals who are planning their own events such as : birthday’s, anniversary, family events, or small social gatherings.


Wedding coordinators who are planning their clients special day and the entertainment at the wedding venue.

Event Planners

Medium to Large scale events: corporate, business, fundraisers, galas, or celebrity celebrations.

Be careful with fire

We play it safe!

Did you know that working with amateur and unprofessional fire dancers can cost you big? And leave you open to liabilities? You want to make sure your performers can put on a safe show.

At Elevate, we are trained professionals, who will make sure your party is a success! 

Our professional fire dancers are insured, experienced and trained for mind-blowing shows. 

We have great relationships with Fire Departments and Fire Marshalls across the South Bay Area. We can obtain licenses when needed and will provide a COI for every venue. 

Your guests will enjoy the fire show and be safe from beginning to end. Elevate takes all the complexity out of your event so you don’t have to worry about it.

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Professional Fire dance offerings

Offering 1 - Vignette (ala carte) Dancer

A single dancer who dances with one prop for 3-5 minutes and roams your event. This can happen over a 30 min, 1 hour, 1.5 hour or 2 hour time period and can happen once every 10-15 minutes. You can also purchase this as an ADD ON to one of our SHOW Offerings.

Offering 2 - Solo Dancer Show

Duration: 8-10 minutes.
A single dancer will feature 5-6 fire props spun back-to-back. The dancer will display her/his talents with a variety of fire implements, skill level, beautiful costumery, and fun / high energy. This is a wonderful way to highlight an evening with a captivating performance by a single dancer.

Offering 3 - Duet Show

Duration: 15-20 minutes.
Two dancers will present a stage show to captivate your guests. This show will feature 6-12 fire props. The dancers will display their talents with a variety of fire implements, skill level, beautiful costumery, and fun / high energy.

Offering 4 - Variety Show

Duration: 30-45 minutes.
3 + dancers will present a stage show to captivate your guests. This show will feature 10-15 fire props, optional bellydancers, feather fans, silks and spoken word. Some choreography is included, as well as a more interactive immersive style of show.

Offering 5 : Custom Show

(Duration of show negotiable).
Are you planning a special event and need a custom entertainment solution? Let us collaborate on your dream event! We can customize one of our stage shows or multiple vignettes, to your specific desires. From length of show, theme, custom playlist, custom costume, dancers and more. Contact us!


Ask us! We're on fire!

Need advice on planning a fire dance show for your corporate event or party? Not sure you have room for a fire dance show? We help in all Fire Dance event planning needs free of charge.

Call us: 808-635-3396 or fill the form.
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