Activity Kauai Dot Com Launches in Kauai


A new hip website in Kauai, Hawaii called Activity Kauai launched their website with an extremely successful event on June 1st 2013 at Tree’s Lounge in Kapaa Kauai.

They hosted their launch party and showcased their premier studio art on the walls.  Doors opened at 5:30 pm and immediately folks began to pile through the door. Morelock & Lydgate “an old-time duo” featuring a 2 -man band playing stand-up-bass and violin began their string pickin’ at 6:00 pm. They sang through a vintage microphone, and entertained the audience with their classy overalls, overgrown beards and undoubtedly talented voices. Quite the charming set.

Come 6:45 pm owner and creator of Mr. Aaron Martin himself took over the stage and presented his speech to the room filled with friends, family, residents and travelers of Kauai. On a 60 inch plasma screen TV displayed on the back of the stage, he highlighted the featured aspects of the website. This included the video/media element, all photography and videography is self-created. He explained that the website contains educational/information components, which feature Mr. Martin’s acute writing style. He showed some of the tours and activities the site sells, which are some of the best of the best on island. As well as the local products, such as local honey, hot sauce, mustard, chocolates, which can be found and purchased through his E-commerce storefront. He finalized his speech telling his audience about the options to have the products shipped across the nation for a flat rate fee, or picked up at a locally at Small Town Coffee in Kapaa town.

Once complete, Aaron began the door-prize giveaway. A slew of hats, Chicken and Cow tee shirts, Anahola Granola Bars, Kauai Island Atlas and Maps, and Kauai Nut Roasters nuts were passed around the room and snatched up by lucky patrons. The Uber lucky walked home with a free Kauai ATV tour, a kayak trip up the Wailua, a boat ride down the Napali Coast and the big winner of the night went home with 2 Taste of Hawaii tickets!

The last music set of the night by Morelock & Lydgate at 7:15 pm, left onlookers ready to put on their cowboys boots and start jigging. Between the excitement of the prize- winners, the Activity Kauai dot com team and the Trees lounge patrons, the energy in the room was palatable. Those who came looking for a good time, left feeling fulfilled.

For the “late night” crowd, at 8:15 pm people were ushered outside to the parking lot area for a last piece of scorching hot entertainment. After a few passing rain clouds, Soul Fire Productions set fire to the rain and killed it with their illustrious performance, Luminous Groove. This 5 women show featuring sparkling onesies, and talented choreography wielding fire poi, fire hoops, fire staffs and fire breathing left nothing to be desired!

Overall, Activity launched with a bang! The team created an event, not soon to be forgotten. The island, the community, travellers and residents alike now have a new welcoming and clean site to refer to and recommend to family and friends visiting the island.



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