History of Fire Dancing

The action of fire dancing, known as poi spinning, actually began in New Zealand in the Maori’s war tradition. War tools that consisted of a rock and a sling made of animal hyde was used as a weapon of choice. They would wrap the rock into the sling and precisely hurl the rock at one’s opponent. The Maori’s also used this as a hunting technique to kill their local game.

Sonic Bloom Fire Dancers

Sonic Bloom “Unified Field” 2016 took place in Spanish Peaks Colorado at Hummingbird Ranch. Live performances by Quixotic, Lunar Fire, Soul Fire and more. Soul Fire’s show featured the ladies from HellaMana: Roxanne, Angela and Skylar featuring our Future Tribal Space Goddess attire. Elevate Entertainment, Convergence and Soul Fire Productions.

Envision Festival 2016

Envision Festival is hosted in Uvita Costa Rica in the Punatares peninsula. Participants from around the world join together and celebrate dance, music, culture, food and live performance. Elevate Entertainment with Soul Fire Productions and Convergence Presents….

Poi Spinning and Dance Workshop

Angela teaches poi dance and spinning workshops for all levels of poi spinners. Her teaching method offers a meticulous breakdown of basic to advanced fire dancing techniques for all fire modalities. She understands that learning can sometimes be very difficult when doing it on your own, so having a mentor to help advance your skill more quickly will be to your advantage.

The Hula Hoop Girl

Caroline Sanchez, “The hula hoop girl” MSN, RN, CBCN, OCN, Her life’s work as an Embodied Movement Meditation Educator and Nurse Educator. Here we feature her article published in the UCSD nursing journal about “Hoop Dancing to Prevent and Decrease Burnout and Compassion Fatigue Among Nurses”