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History of Fire Dancing

The action of fire dancing, known as poi spinning, actually began in New Zealand in the Maori’s war tradition. War tools that consisted of

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Sonic Bloom Fire Dancers

Sonic Bloom “Unified Field” 2016 took place in Spanish Peaks Colorado at Hummingbird Ranch. Live performances by Quixotic, Lunar Fire, Soul Fire and more.

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Envision Festival 2016

Envision Festival is hosted in Uvita Costa Rica in the Punatares peninsula. Participants from around the world join together and celebrate dance, music, culture,

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Hula Hooping

Hula Hooping has recently become an International trend. Women, men & children are taking this trend to the next level, not only for performance,

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Entertainment in Hawaii

Entertainment in Hawaii is reaching new scorching heights. Discover unique nightlife and entertainment in Hawaii Kaua’i, Oahu or Maui by hiring professional fire dancers

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