What will you remember in 10 years? A nice dinner at a fancy restaurant? Or that girl spinning double flaming hula –hoops that one time at your party? The Choice is yours…

The excitement starts at the first burst of flame. Are you wanting to add a little magic to the moment? Witness a performer whirl and twirl fire hula hoops, poi balls and flaming umbrella’s while gracefully dancing to up-beat music. The perfect addition to illuminate your evening, whether it be a small gathering, a birthday party or just for fun. Adding a little fire creates a lot of excitement!!

Never seen fire dancing? Check it out here

What it is?: Fire dancing is a contemporary spin from what you would imagine at a luau. Instead of a male fire-knife dancer licking the flames of his sword, imagine a female dancer gracefully spinning poi balls, hula-hoops and umbrellas on fire.


What to expect: A 5-10 minute show jam- packed full of fire. Witness objects on fire that you never imagined possible! A graceful, enchanting show that will leave an impression on you and the audience. This is a family friendly event, great for intimate gatherings.


Is it safe? YES! We also provide a safety team member to ensure the safety of the dancer, audience, children and adults.


Where/ When is the show? We travel to your location on the date of your event. We will provide a tech rider to let you know what kind of space we need. We can generally perform in most outdoor locations & some indoor locations. We travel world-wide!


Weather: Rain or shine we will perform. Unless showers prove to be torrential, we will do our best to perform in between bouts of rain.


How much is it? We will contact you and find out what kind of show you desire. We will create a custom quote for you. A 50% deposit is required.

Cancellation: 72-hour notice of cancellation

For scheduling, booking and pricing inquiries

Email: elevate.fire.hawaii@gmail.com
Call or TEXT: 707-889-2744

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