No open containers of gas (Coleman fuel) are allowed within 200 feet of the fire performance. Soak and spin out of tools prior to cue. Soaking happens in pre-approved areas. All the tools bagged individually. Only bagged tools come to the safety stations back stage. See attached MSDS for Coleman fuel, each tool requires approximately 1.5 oz. of fuel.
Flame effect tools are constructed of Kevlar wick, see attached MSDS. They have been tested to verify that they operate in accordance with their design.

Safety Techs-

1 or 2 trained safety techs will be onsite during the performance, setup and break down.

Safety Tech’s main job is to exterminate each implement as the dancers enter and exit.

Fire Extinguishers-

One or two fire extinguishers will be at the safety station, depending on what is agreed upon prior to the event. The event/festival production team will provide these each extinguisher will be up to date and in accordance with the IFC. Additional extinguishers can be provided for the concert security team.

Fire Blankets-

The safety techs also have three fire blankets on hand. These have been tested in accordance with NFPA 701 and meet the requirements of that standard.

Fire retardant spray is used in advance as well for all of the costuming. The spray is called, Flamex PF has been tested in accordance with NFPA 701, ASTM E-84 (Class B), UL 723, UBC 8-1, and ANSI/NFPA 255

Audience Safety-
If audience is located directly  in front of the stage, they must be separated by barricades and trained security professionals. Event grounds will be in compliance with all fire codes and regulations for means of egress.

Any outdoor festivals are considered open air festival; the stages will be well ventilated. Indoor venues will have open doorways and fans to provide air circulation of any smoke that emits from the fire implements.

Performer Safety-

The proposed fire dance will take place during the agreed upon time during the concert, in which all other performers on stage, security and staff will be notified of this timing as well.

If required, a walk through of the performance can be arranged before sound check and the arrival of the audience.

All requirements of our Tech Rider must strictly be met by hiring client.

More Information

[box type=”download”]MSDS Safety Information(PDF)[/box][box type=”download”]MSDS Safety Information 2(PDF)[/box][box type=”download”]Fire Implement desripction[/box]