Envision Festival 2018 / Envision Fire Dancers


Envision Festival 2018

This year’s Envision Festival experience was to say the least, a spiritual journey, more like a soul shake down. Testing each of us deeply at the core to see what were made of and how we would move through the giant obstacles that had been presented to us.
After travelling 1/2 way across the continent to share 15 minutes of our art, we arrived with virtually none of our fire gear. The gear was flagged twice and held up in LA with absolutely nothing we could do about it. After exhausting every scenario, we finally surrendered to just asking for help.

The tribe pulled through with most of the items needed and we ended up physically creating / making gear curated from the boneyard, up to the final hour. From our Fire Umbrellas, doubles staffs, Lyco Sticks, Dragon staff, we made due and rocked borrowed gear. Thank you  @lumina_entertainment especially.

@Hellamana new show called IxChel Serpant Goddess, was curated with the intention of calling in Ixchel or Ix Chel (Mayan: [iʃˈt͡ʃel]) the 16th-century name of the aged jaguar goddess of midwifery and medicine in ancient Maya culture. She is also known to embody the moon, earth/war and rain. We brought her energy to the stage by offering a blood moon ritual and opening our show calling in our deepest desires and intention. Pouring water from a sacred conch shell into a vessel of light, we brought forth the prayer for the earth / Gaia by honoring the water element. Our opening ritual also embodied the multiple arms of Kali fire goddess of creation, destruction and power.

We displayed our beautiful Sparkling, Goddess Starseed costumes to illuminate the light beings and honor the beauty of this elemental offering. Igniting fire crowns, fingers, fire umbrellas, fire scimitar, fire poi, fire double staffs, fire hoops, fire dragon and specializing in our multi-level synchronized choreography. All 3 dancers are skilled in multiple fire props and each one is wielded with technicality, grace and beauty.

Performing our sacred ritual fire dance, for this crowd in the Dragons Mouth made the experience just that more mind blowing. The grit & dedication has been unprecedented… The transmission has begun …



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