Envision Festival 2016


Envision Festival 2016 was a true highlight for the beginning of the festival season. Happening in the middle of February, where most of the United States are scraping snow from their driveways, Costa Rica is at the prime of it’s summer months. A hot and humid escape into the jungle of Central America is always a welcoming adventure.

The festival is built on beautiful lands of the small town of Uvita, just South of it’s neighbor Dominical. The vibe is sweet, open and welcoming as thousands of guests flock from all over the world to come to this gathering. From the village where vendors sell their brightly colored goods, to the 3 incredible stages and the artists/musicians that accompany them, the experience is muy benuño!

The performance artists ranged from AhhMazing Fire Dancers such as Love in the Fire, Enchanted & Pyro Danza, Incredible Aerialists ranging from Lunar Fire and Amber/Melissa, Quirky Awesomeness by Bubble Gutter, Powerful Presence by Ishani and Rewi,  Hoopers, Bellydancers,  Cyr Wheel and a variety of cool weird stuff only seen at a festival. Our home for the weekend was the gorgeous LUNA stage. Produced by super fly Nova Han and managed by the one and only Mad Dog and their amazing crew. The nights were seamless with incredible talent!

Our fire dance performances spanned over the course of 2 nights, both Friday and Saturday, where the music and energy coursed through our veins. Pulsing with energy, prayer and beauty, our  Friday’s  1st set :  CloudChord  2nd set : Messenger of Secrets   Saturday 1st set : Medium Troy  2nd set : An-Ten-Nae, were off the chain!


Sets featured 3 key dancers: Angela Dawn, Roxanne Ruby and Skylar Mallas. All well versed in all fire modalities including; poi, hoops, double staffs, fans, dragon staff, umbrellas, single staff and more… Each set was approximately 13 minutes long while featuring tricky split-time partner choreography.


Friday’s costuming resembled super sexy, classy, rocking diva with black sequined high waisted shorts and long sleeved tops. Popping in the fire light, these outfits embraced sharp class with a touch of Beyonce. Saturday’s costuming simulated colorful feather bustles and elegant velvet tops. Accessorized with beads and bands that brought out the tribal, priestess amazonian princess in us all.


Envision festival is a gathering birthed from love, communion and community. The visionaries of this event bring some of the most practiced yogis, wisest humanitarians, incredible live painters and cutting edge performers from around the globe. Being a part of this event as a dancer and performer feels powerful and meaningful. Bringing light and beauty to the world in the most authentic fashion strikes a deep resonating chord that vibrates through the soul.


Mahalo nui loa Envision Festival! #Vive La Experiencia ~ A Hui Ho – Until we meet again….


Elevate Entertainment were a true pleasure to work with! Professional, talented, enthusiastic and kind. I was really pleased with the work they brought to Envision festival and how easy it was to work with them. ~Nova Han

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