Hoop Dance and Flow Arts retreats in Hawaii have only recently begun to emerge. Thanks to internationally celebrated empowerment educator Shakti Sunfire.Her movement, mysticism, and mindfulness practices have touched the lives of thousands of students who leave feeling better than when they came.Shakti has been a leader and student of the international hoop-dance movement, who continually learns this art form to turn around and share it with others.

Shakti began “In-Depth” Hoop retreat on the Big Island of Hawaii in 2012. This much sought out dance practice found it’s Hawaii home at Kalani retreat center, a stunning 120 acres of organic agriculture, preserved heritage, and retreat accommodations. “Exuberant in fiery lava, invigorating ocean, tropical foliage, and exuberant too with people celebrating the spirit of aloha” Kalani is true to it’s word.

Although In-Depth Hoop retreat is all about deepening your hoop dance practice, Shakti invites additional teachers along to teach yoga, meditation, poi, and play classes. Hoop classes are designed to go deeply into the elements of advancing in hoop play, learning to dance, understanding vast components of hooping while connecting and understanding all of these aspects in a balanced ratio. Each day is something new and invigorating while students learn to drop boundaries and raise their vibration.

Shakti’s style is refreshingly progressive and not overly cosmic. She has the right balance of tuning into Mother Earth, while rocking out to some booty shaking Hip-Hop Dub Step that will make any lady consider losing their clothes. But, what better place to lose your clothes than in Hawaii?

In- Depth naturally encourages student and teacher bonding. Through partner work, private lessons, skill sharing and training. Each day is beautifully designed to commune with one other through study and experience. Students can pick and choose which classes they would like to attend, and while some students don’t miss a beat, others like to experience the natural “Hawaii-time” flow.

Each day comes complete with 3 insanely good meals cooked by chefs at Kalani with food grown on the property. Coffee, tea and snacks are available the entire day and into the evening. It is optional to take food to go, or order a brown bag lunch for those who would like to have a daily adventure. The food is a definite highlight and makes each day a luxuriously convenient experience.

If life just could not get any better, a black sand beach is located approximately 2 miles from the property. Students often populate here for a quick dip in the salty sea or an epic photo shoot with Cadenciaphotography.com. This time of year whales may be seen breaching off in the distance from the Hilo coastline.

As each year gets better and better, In-Depth Hoop retreat is a powerful and unique experience. Women and men alike take something away from the week –long event and integrate it into their lives. As the Big Island leaves many kissed by the sun and touched by the power of Pele, the potency from In- Depth leaves a sense of beautiful transformation.