The popularization of music, art and fire dance festivals worldwide has created an explosion of avante gaurde talent. With this progression, fire dancing has become a main stay act. Our fire dancers have been considered some of the highlight of many of these concerts/festivals. We are proficient at dancing on stage with full size bands, multiple musicians or singular DJ’s. Our shows go perfectly as filler acts between headlining acts, as encore performances or during healing acts to feature specific songs.

With unique set of talents, dancers combine their graceful ability to dance with multifaceted props. Utilizing props and tools such as poi balls, staves, poi snakes, fire fans, fire hula hoop dance, fire umbrellas, fire breathing and eating, your event will be one to remembered when audiences go crazy for stunning fireworks on your stage!

What sets our fire dancers aside from most troupes worldwide is the ability to dance in a refined and choreographed set routine. Our fire dancers wield both advanced solo skill to innovative partner work with fire.

Our choreography is unlike much of the freestyle dance witnessed during a fire routine. Specific and complicated, our innovative fire dancing is progressive, sexy and classy. Witnessing our fire dancers at your concert or festivals will create a powerful energy unlike other entertainment or acts.

Routines can be performed between acts and/or to highlight headlining acts. A beautiful way to bring striking presence to a stage and grab your audience attention.


Featured at a variety of concerts and festivals including Wanderlust (Oahu), Envisions Coast Rica, Sonic Bloom CO, Symbiosis CA,   Health and Harmony’s Techno Tribal (CA), Burning Man (NV), Hallowbaloo (Oahu), Mardi Gras (Oahu), Homegrown Festival (Kauai), Gathering of The Vibes (CT), EarthDance (CA), Reggae on the River (CA), The Dead @ Shoreline Amphitheater (CA); our fire dancers are experienced in both the festivals and live music circuit.

San Francisco Fire Dance Festivals
Shoreline Amphitheater, CA