Our teaching method offers a meticulous breakdown of basic to advanced fire dancing techniques for all fire modalities. We understand that learning can sometimes be very difficult when doing it on your own, so having a mentor to help advance your skill more quickly will be to your advantage.

Our fire dance teaching style delivers moves, deliberates the analysis of the move and assists in correcting students. Like any physical challenge learning fire dancing techniques is a learning curve. Somewhat like a crossword puzzle meets twister for your brain, flow arts presents a certain mental and physical challenge that supports your brain in staying healthy. Your brain forms new neuron connections and the process is called neuroplasticity.

Neuroplasticity supports the healthy development of the brain, learning, memory and recovery. Learning Flow Arts challenges the brain on a cellular level, as the brain creates varieties of pathways and remapping in response to this type of learning.

Teaching fire dancing techniques is for anyone at any age. It creates coordination, agility, balance, flexibility, and can even improve neuromotor control. This form of dance and exercise is a fun and interesting way to get the body moving while stimulating the mind. The goal with best fire dancing is to find your ‘flow’ meaning that the moves begin to come fairly effortlessly and you no longer have to think, your body just does what you tell it to. This takes time and dedication, however it comes faster than you think!

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Like anything else there are levels of mastery when it comes to flow arts and fire dancing techniques, each stage is crucial to getting to the next level and there is ALWAYS a way to ELEVATE your game! Even the most advanced students are always learning new fire dancing techniques, and even then, the next stage of choreography or partner dancing is a way to advance into a different arena.

If you are looking for a teacher for yourself, a group, and existing troupe, a festival presentation or an event contact us.

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