Combining contemporary dance with the modern style of flow arts is a beautiful thing to watch.

Flow arts is synonymous with the term fire dancing these days and combine with dance technique is Cirque Nouveau. Flow Artists commit themselves to combining dance, acrobatics and virtuoso performance while spinning, passing, isolating and tossing objects through planes and space.

Flow Arts refers to the specific artistry of this unique dance and crosses throughout all modalities of dance such as hip hop, jazz, ballet, contemporary. Another popular method of flow artistry is spinning LED tools or Glow toys; flourescent lights that illuminate patterns or tracers.


Dancers will bring your event to life. Though the personal touch of beauty, costumes & characters, you can highlight and delight your audiences! If your event does not allow fire, or have fire permitting, flow arts are a perfect way to blend entertainment into the scene.

Double LED Hoops

Photo 2 – Matt Feaser Photography

Costume – Soul Fire