Symbiosis 2016 Fire Dancers / Desert Dwellers Live Experience


Symbiosis Gathering 2016: Family Tree Symbiosis

 Symbiosis is an incredible festival going on it’s 11th year in Northern California. Held at the Woodward Reservoir Regional Park, Oakdale CA near Modesto, this Mini-Burning Man event is mind-blowing.

The event is sprawled out along the incredible lake and flatlands of the park. Although day time temperatures reached into the 90’s, the nighttime was cool and easily warmed with the hours of endless dancing.  The incredible event reached an all-time high of over 20,000 attendees. A notable difference from previous years.

Packed with incredible talent Symbiosis is unparalleled in it’s efforts to create a unique experience that simulates the Burning Man community, but has an ease and comfort about it due to being on a massive incredible waterfront. To experience this gathering is like summer-time retreat to escape the endless dust and black booger impacting results of the Man.

Experiencing Symbiosis is like a hybrid of water-world, Paris fashion week a medicinal ceremony.

Music and performance line- up’s included some of the best from around the nation. Stages designed to perfection, ascending your wildest imagination. Art installations and statement pieces were hypnotizing & enchanting. Beyond all of it, the people were crazy, talented, invigorating, gorgeous and plain fucking genius.

We had the utmost pleasure of collaborating with the Desert Dwellers Live Experience for their Sunday night show at the Big Top Family Circus Tent. Along side with incredible talent of the likes of Tammy Firefly, Shin. Hannah Thiem, Meagan Chandler , Dylan T Bradley. Sophia Thom, Trevor Moontribe, Amani Friend and more.


Hella Mana costumes were created to embody the lumerian star-seed goddess. Metallic silver glistening costumes accessories with belted bustles, face-chains and elaborate head crowns. Detailed down to the boot chains, our pristine outfits were channeled straight from the heavens.

Each choreographed piece was to a Desert Dwellers original track. Beginning with their dope new ACE remix, we displayed our 3-person poi choreography. Double Staff choreography to Our Dream World (Sisix Remix), Sword/Dragon solo to AtYya/Oceanic and finally our highlighted piece, 3-person umbrellas to Spirit of the Dreamtime (Drumspyder Remix).

The set timed over the span of an hour was accompanied by aerial acts, ballerinas, violinists, pyrotechnics, LED hoopers and theatrical wings/mask contemporary dancers. The incredible audience was captivated by each unique act and we had the pleasure of interacting with them as they stood enraptured by the flame.

The Big Top family truly felt the electric transmission as the show was magnified by the build of the entire weekend. Highlighting the last day of Symbiosis with this offering felt like pure magic as the intensity of this creation left us each feeling blown wide open to the divinity of the Universe. Experiencing Desert Dwellers Live Show from the stage created a sense of unity and exquisiteness unlike any other performance that we have offered this season. An unparalleled high that one can only dream to replicate.


Show Curator : Tammy Firefly

Photo Credit: Amir Weiss

Dancers : Angela Alessio | Roxanne Ruby | Skylar Mallas

Costumes by: Soul Fire Productions : Skylar Mallas & Kaia Shine


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