What is Fire Dancing? A Quick History


Fire Dancing has become a worldwide phenomenon in the past decade. This trend is now an increasingly popular type of entertainment across the globe and is only growing in popularity.

It’s not just seen as part of Hawaiian Luau and Cirque Du Solei nowadays; a variety of films, music videos, street performers, bars, weddings, and parties are a perfect example of this art. While many are unfamiliar with spinning torches of flames around their bodies, most people are accustomed to this routine.

So in this article, we give you a brief history of where it all started.

What is Fire Dancing?

The act of fire dancing, also called poi spinning, was first discovered at the time of New Zealand in the Maori’s wartime tradition. Tools for a war that included a sling and a stone made from animal hyde were utilized as weapons of choice. They could wrap the stone in the sling and then accurately throw it at their opponent.

Maori also employed this technique for hunting to kill the local game. Unlike other tribes, Maori women were proud to fight with their husbands.

As the war became less frequent and hunting with modern weapons became more common, the use of poi as an instrument of war waned. This way, dancing using poi as a traditional practice began to emerge. Women could dance, play, and show their talents during cultural events.

As Polynesian travelers traveled the oceans toward Hawaii, Hawaii, they also incorporated their customs and practices. Women would dance with poi during luau parties as part of their entertainment and Samoan Fire Knife dancing.

A Quick History Of Fire Dancing

At the beginning of the 20th century, the poi spinning advanced to be lit occasionally with fire. It was the result of the dance’s expansion to mainland America as well as the advancement of the technique itself. Contemporary fire dance was beginning to emerge.

A small group of West Coast festival-goers took to the art of fire and started expanding its possibilities. Its continuous development of fire staves, mini-hoops, and hula hoops. fire snakes, fire fans, fire lotus breathing/eating tools, fire whips, fire leap ropes, fire canes, and fire umbrellas. Today, pioneers and visionaries are developing the most innovative and new fire dancing methods.

Each type of modality comes with distinct methods and techniques needed to manipulate the tool to produce geometrical patterns highlighted by tracer tools for an outstanding result.

The modalities are not all created equal, but they utilize distinct skills. The moves and patterns are now called ‘Flow Arts in this new group of flame dancers.

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Elevate Fire Dancing takes on the challenge of the combination of dance, acrobatics, and virtuoso dance as they spin, pass through, isolate, and throw the flaming objects across spaces and planes.

The fire dancing art develops, and so do its fans. The excitement and thrill of the fire-themed entertainment have won the hearts of many across the globe. So, we always provide safe entertainment with what we do best – through fire dancing.

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